We invest in science to transform ideas into sought-after innovative products. Science for us is participation in the development of new directions in lighting engineering. This is the design of new modern lighting devices based on advanced scientific developments. This is getting up-to-date information about the latest global achievements of the industry.

"Bright City" in Chernogolovka

February 19, 2020

Many social media users express admiration for new lighting images in Chernogolovka created by BL GROUP! Find more in this article.


The smart park bench for your comfort

February 18, 2020

The smart city bench is the next smart solution that BL GROUP is going to present at Light + building 2020. Discover more in this article dedicated to this chameleon, which instantly transforms depending on the needs of the user.


Drones in greenhouse lighting

February 04, 2020

How to increase the accuracy of measuring the level of irradiation in greenhouses? Our colleagues from VNISI proposed using drones!


"Black gold" under the silver of light

January 21, 2020

What kind of lighting solution a pumping station would need — this area with a flair of magical energy, where the process of separation of oil and gas takes place? Read in this article!


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