October 19, 2018

ILEC BL GROUP turned a bridge into a work of art

International Lighting Engineering Corporation BOOS LIGHTING GROUP implemented the project of architectural lighting of Kommunal’ny bridge in Krasnoyarsk (Russia) in August this year.

General information about the project

Several subsidiaries of the Corporation carried out all the tasks of the project, namely, designing the technical solution, selecting the lighting equipment (manufactured at plants that are subsidiaries of the Corporation), installation and assembling the equipment, creating the system of controllable dynamic lighting, all this in 80 days.

Information about the bridge

Kommunal’ny bridge is located in the centre of Krasnoyarsk and is considered one of most renowned sightseeing places in the city. It offers a stunning view of marvelous landscapes that help you capture the essence of the soul of Yenisei, one of the longest and the most beautiful rivers in Russia. The reinforced concrete structures of the bridge bear a close resemblance to the patterns of Stalinist empire architecture. Holding a unique symmetry distinction, they give peace of mind and comfort, inspiring every creative person to think outside the box. Our project of architectural lighting emphasizes the fine points and perfections of the bridge, gives a feeling of being air-brushed to its image and tries to create the impression as if these heavy bridge constructions had a light and airy texture.

Technical details of the project

The flexible system of controllable dynamic lighting is the core of the idea. It has 8 modes that come down to consequently “painting” the bridge with different colors. Still, these 8 modes are just a tip of an iceberg, because the installed equipment allows us to use the RGB palette of 16 million colors in order to create infinite quantities of modes. In order to achieve such a variety of shades of different colors we used light-emitting diodes with special RGBW (DMX) optics. It’s possible to handpick a precise mixture of colors in order to match up with special needs of some event. For example, during all celebrations the bridge will provide them with an authentic “painting” that reflects the core of feasts or ceremonies. The system of controllable dynamic lighting is based on a software product that is intellectual property of ILEC BL GROUP. Over 950 items of equipment were installed within the framework of the project.

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The artistic value of the project

The interaction between the architectural lighting and the fast-flowing waters of Yenisei is part and parcel of the project of architectural lighting that performs a dual role. Firstly, it aims to give additional volume to the arched constructions of the bridge. Secondly, it kicks the interaction between the potential of architectural lighting and the beauty of Yenisei’s landscapes into high gear. And that’s just scratching the surface of ideas the project is impregnated with… From the artistic point of view, the system of controllable dynamic lighting follows in the footsteps of some pieces of Russian folk art and blessed images of culture. Regardless of weather and season, the difference between the canonical bridge’s image used for old 10 ruble banknote and the new bright one speaks volumes. Such systems create level playing field for objects with different architectural features and peculiarities of style, thus broadening the boundaries of artistic work. Even objects that are considered down-to-earth can find a new artistic image by means of opportunities of controllable dynamic lighting.

An eye to the future

Krasnoyarsk has acquired yet another wonderful image and popular sightseeing place. Presumably the future development of the surrounding area as a touristic value will be tied to the image provided by our system of controllable dynamic lighting. These multicolored sparkles, coupled with the fast-flowing waters of Yenisei, will surely be salt-and-pepper of the aesthetic impressions of a lot of tourists and citizens. Our solution of the controllable dynamic lighting system unearths the main ideas and pivotal moments of the attitude to Krasnoyarsk and Yenisei. We sincerely hope that this project will live to bring joy!

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