November 15, 2017

BL GROUP Trains Specialists

The management of ILEC “BL GROUP” LLC has adopted a resolution on the introduction of educational allowance for students of Lighting Engineering Department of the National Research University MEI. This is not only additional financial aid, promotion of development and training future lighting engineers and motivation of their innovative activity in the field of lighting engineering.

First and foremost, this is an important step toward upbringing of qualified young professionals, which would guarantee their future recruitment by Russian and foreign enterprises of the national lighting engineering company - ILEC “BL GROUP” LLC.

To commemorate distinguished scientific and light engineering figures and provide additional material support to students achieving outstanding training and scholarly results, the Company has established educational allowance named after S.I. Vavilov, the founder of Physical Optics School of Sciences. For special achievements in training of particular academic subject areas, educational allowances named after M.M. Gutorov, M.M. Epaneshnikov, V.V. Meshkov and G.R. Shakhparyunyants were established.

The following students of the Light Engineering Department students may apply to personal grants:

- the citizens of the Russian Federation of full-time course, if they receive education due to the budgetary allocations of Federal Budget;

- the representatives of the labor dynasties working at enterprises of the Company.

Special incentives are provided to foreign students adopted on the basis of quotas.

ILEC “BL GROUP” LLC in cooperation with MEI National Research University and Federal Agency for the CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo) initiated a pilot project of popularization of Russian educational services in the topical area of “Electronics and Nanoelectronics”, subsection of “Lighting Engineering and Light Sources”.

The participation of ILEC “BL GROUP” LLC in the project consists in providing foreign students with a number of preferences to promote their interest while studying in Russia, specifically at Light Engineering Department of MEI National Research University. The originator of the project aims at training foreign students on the basis of Russian light engineering scientific school to work abroad in the area promotion and exporting national products, in particular to be employed at the Company’s enterprises in Russia and abroad.

This is the first experience to develop humanitarian and economic ties as part of public and private partnership, it should result in establishing foundations to actively engage businesses present globally in training young professionals including foreign students.

Educational allowance decisions will be based on consistent participation of applicants in research, development, social, cultural, and recreational activities; their scientific research results published in academic, branch and college media; R&D; master's theses and bachelors’ final projects on topics of interest to ILEC “BL GROUP” LLC.

Apart from that, ILEC “BL GROUP” LLC will continue its activities to arrange practical training at Russian enterprises of the Company. Starting 2017-2018 academic year, the Company will provide the most successful students with an opportunity to spend their summer internship abroad – in Germany, Spain, India, etc.

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