November 13, 2018

Spanish engineers’ best practice for Russian students

BOOS LIGHTING GROUP’s Moscow headquarters in cooperation with National Research University of Moscow Power Engineering Institute (NRU MPEI) began developing and implementing special courses of lectures, seminars and workshops by the European experts of BOOS. Such courses will be included in the master’s degree program at the Department of Lighting Engineering of NRU MPEI.

Moscow, November 12, 2018. Fernando Rodríguez Merino, BOOS Spain Technical Director, held the first lesson within the course of optical systems development and output control methods, speaking to the fourth-year students of the Department of Lighting Engineering. The interactive lecture was subjected “Luminaire design. Technical point of view.

The students, post-grad students and teachers of the department who were present at the lecture got acquainted with Mr Rodríguez Merino’s view on the practical development of luminaires, illustrated by examples from his more than ten-year LED technology experience, most of which were popular BOOS luminaires. The students were shown each of the stages of the luminaire parts selection in detail: the choice of LEDs, drivers, surge protectors, optical systems, bowls and protective glass, means to dim the luminaire, etc. - in terms of the impact on the finished product’s performance and its competitive value in the market.

The lecture and the unique experience of the speaker as well sparked genuine interest among both students and the teaching staff of the Department of Lighting Engineering. Negotiations are underway to expand the list of topics covered by the special course of Fernando Rodríguez Merino.

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