February 18, 2019

Lighting Engineering Department of IU MEI to take part in the Education and Career Expo 2019

The Lighting Engineering Department of the National Research University MEI whose industrial and research partner is ILEC BL GROUP will be represented at the Education and Career Expo 2019, booth No. F5. The event will take place on March 16 and 17, in Moscow, at the Gostinny Dvor Complex. The forum, which is one of the major events in the sphere of young specialist training, will assemble representatives of more than 250 institutions of higher education, as well as of over 100 foreign academic institutions.

Visitors of the Department’s booth will be presented with in-depth information on all the aspects of its activities, and will be answered all their questions related to entrance. Representatives of the Department will tell about the upcoming Doors Open Days, required examinations, Uniform State Examination ratings and other details important to prospective students. Visitors will be able to learn not just about the Department, but also about student life of IU MEI in general, as well as about infrastructure of the University.

The concept of the booth appearance is centered around light design solutions developed on the basis of lighting engineering equipment of ILEC BL GROUP – the largest lighting engineering corporation and the major employer of the brightest graduates of the Lighting Engineering Department of IU MEI, operating both in Russia and abroad. The intellectual and technologically advanced space of the booth will be packed full with carefully selected content intended to reveal all the advantages of the profession of lighting engineer to the audience, and will assist today’s schoolchildren to make the most important choice of their lives.

The Lighting Engineering Department of IU MEI takes part in the Education and Career Expo for the second time already. We would like to remind that last year its booth was the focus of attention of many visitors. We are confident that this time it will be successful too, that booth attendants will vividly demonstrate to future students the potential for a dynamic career offered by LIGHT ENGINEERING.

Welcome to booth No. F5 on March 16 and 17.

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