March 12, 2019

Our solutions for greenhouse lighting are used in a joint experiment with VNISI

The experts of ILEC "BL GROUP" together with colleagues from the Russian Lighting Research Institute named after S.I. Vavilov (VNISI) are conducting an experiment on the cultivation of plant crops using photo-culture technology. A hydroponic multilevel installation was created and put into operation for growing vegetative plants, including salad-green crops. It consists of 12 light-insulated sections where 24 Arcline Phyto luminaires of the GALAD trademark are installed. The installation is fitted with automated equipment with access to the Internet.

The experiment became the next stage of development of a new generation of our luminaires for greenhouse lighting which are manufactured by “Kadoshkinsky Electrotechnical Plant” (part of the ILEC “BL GROUP”) in close collaboration with VNISI – the traditional scientific partner of the Corporation. Our goal is to create luminaries that most flexibly adapt to the needs of a particular plant variety in the spectral composition of the radiation and the level of exposure. By now, we have created 12 model lines of greenhouse luminaires of the GALAD trademark that are used for top lighting of greenhouses, inter-row lighting, lighting of multi-tiered plants, and so on.

According to the program of the experiment, by the end of this year it will be possible to choose the optimal parameters for a large number of new varieties of salads and green crops from leading breeders.

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