March 28, 2019

At SPORTB2BEXPO&FORUM the solutions for sport lighting based on the products of ТМ GALAD will be presented

ILEC «BL GROUP» will take part in the forum and exhibition SPORTB2BEXPO&FORUM. In the framework of this event, which will take place from the 23rd to the 25th of April 2019 in Moscow, at the Congress- exhibition centre “ Sokolnoki”, a number of arrangements are being planned, among them IV Open International football congress «INFOOTBALL 2019», business forum and exhibition "Ice Industry", international sport IT forum «Innovations. Technologies. Soft ITINSPORT 2019» and some others.

The major part of exhibition space as well as major part of the business program will be given to the companies, manufacturing the technological products and services for sport facilities. One of these companies will be ILEC “ BL Group”. At the Corporation stand С9, which is located in Hall №4, lighting solutions for the sport facilities, based on the products of trade mark GALAD will be represented.

GALAD – is the trade mark of the lighting engineering products , manufactured at the domestic enterprises of ILEC “ BL Group». The visitors of our stand will be able to see our modern sport projectors, among them model lines «Fortius LED» and «Altius LED».

«Fortius LED» can be used for the wide range of sport facilities, including stadia, open and roofed sport facilities, as well as the big open areas for large scale sport competitions. It is equipped with the special device for accurate adjustment and keeping the required position. The settings of the projector meet the demands of sportsmen, spectators and TV audience. For example, due to the minimized share of blinding glare, the sportsmen do not suffer from dazzling effect when shifting the gaze and the quality of TV picture will not be spoiled by a sudden flash. It is possible to adapt the device to different light control units and to various options of color temperature , so it could be used at all types of sport facilities.

«Altius LED» has optical systems, specially designed for lighting any sport facilities. It is also a flexible solution, which could be combined with different light control systems and is ready to provide color temperature , which suits most to a certain object. The range of working temperatures could tell even more about the universality of the projector: from -400 C to + 450C. It means, that the projector successfully works at the foot ball match, when it is hot, and at the skiing-biathlon track, being blown by ice cold winds.

Within the framework of business program Mr. Vadim Lunchev, Director – General of ILEC “ BL GROUP” in charge for the trade and industrial policy, will make a presentation on the following topic :“ The advanced world technologies in sport projectors, manufactured in Russia”. Being an expert in the field of sport lighting systems and having a huge experience of implementing the projects, based on the equipment of leading world and domestic manufacturers , Mr. V. Lunchev will present in details , how the suggested by us solutions meet the peculiarities of different sports, needs of sportsmen, spectators and TV audience. Welcome to the SPORTB2B EXPO&FORUM and to the stand of ILEC “ BL GROUP”!

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