April 25, 2019

The luminaires «Aurora LED» were used for architectural lighting of the Revolution Square in Krasnoyarsk

The Revolution Square in Krasnoyarsk plays an important role in the city landscape since 1828, when it became a central element in the housing development , later, on the eve of the World Student Games it was seriously renovated. Special attention was paid to the modernization of lighting, which should become an integral part of swiftly changing color and light city environment.

The lighting engineering products of ILEC «BL GROUP» were used for the architectural illumination of the square. The luminaires of «Aurora LED» family of GALAD with different types of light curves: Wide, Spot и Medium were installed. Some of the fixtures are equipped with RGBW-LEDs, which are necessary for creating dynamic light scenarios. The non power faceted flanged poles of OPORA ENGINEERING were also used.

During the Universiade-2019, there were performances of creative teams, broadcast competitions and other events. We can safely say that the lighting attracts lovers of evening walks. Architectural luminaires depict the silhouettes of art objects and help to create the atmosphere of an evening fairy tale.

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