May 30, 2019

German businessman Dieter Layer-Rice visited Likhoslavl Plant “Svetotehnika”

The enterprises of ILEC “BL GROUP” are attracting more and more interest from both the Russian and the international business community. Businessmen began to visit Likhoslavl Plant “Svetotehnika” more and more often after the launch of a new automated die-casting complex. Over the last year, among the visitors were representatives of the professional community from Spain, Germany, Serbia and other European countries, and on 20-21 May 2019, the visit of a German businessman Mr. Dieter Layer-Reiss took place.

Mr. Dieter Layer-Reiss is the head of various commercial structures in Germany, France and other European countries, working in the business spheres such as development of real estate for industrial purposes, production of components for the automotive industry, as well as elaboration of lighting engineering solutions, mainly for indoor lighting. These companies are included in the list of assets of the family-owned company of Mr. Dieter Layer-Reiss and his father Mr. Horst Layer-Reiss.

The reason for Mr. Layer-Reiss’ visit to Likhoslavl Plant “Svetotehnika” was his interest in the manufacturing capabilities and lighting solutions of the Corporation, as well as the experience of implementing the most complex projects on a turnkey basis. Considering that Mr. Layer-Reiss is the Director of a lighting engineering company A.L.S. Architektonische Licht-Systeme GmbH & Co., headquartered in the city of Tettnang in southern Germany, it is obvious that a wide variety of lighting solutions, including individual ones, could be beneficial for the implementation of business projects.

On the first day of the visit, on May 20, 2019, Mr. Dieter Layer-Reiss familiarized himself with the production infrastructure of Likhoslavl Plant “Svetotehnika” in course of excursion, at which he was accompanied by Corporation employees: Igor Chumakov, Deputy Director General for Production of Likhoslavl Plant “Svetotehnika”, Jürgen Mattern, General Manager of Wunschleuchten GmbH plant (a subsidiary of the Corporation), and Olga Chistyakova, Project Manager, ILEC “BL GROUP”. Mr. Dieter Layer-Reiss highly appreciated the production facilities he saw, giving a considerable prominence to the new automated die-casting complex, as well as the active construction of new and renovation of the existing production facilities.

The next day, Mr. Dieter Layer-Reiss had a negotiation with the Corporation President George Boos, the topics of which included a wide range of cooperation prospects, including joint lighting projects in the territory of German-speaking European countries. A special interest of Mr. Dieter Layer-Reiss was concentrated in the field of industrial cooperation of his companies with the enterprises of ILEC “BL GROUP” and the consistent replacement of the Chinese-made components with components from Russia. Such cooperation will allow, above all, to improve the quality of the purchased products and significantly reduce the time of delivery to Germany. At the meeting with Mr. Boos, specific agreements were reached in this area.

Moreover, during his visit Mr. Dieter Layer-Reiss familiarized himself with many projects and individual lighting solutions implemented by the Corporation for Moscow’s iconic objects.

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