June 04, 2019

The first try counted: Pepe Rojo Rugby Stadium in the light of our floodlights

Pepe Rojo stadium is an iconic place for Spanish rugby. It is named after José Rojo Giralda, the former president of the Rugby Federation of Valladolid province. The complex consists of 5 rugby fields, the most important of which (128x69 meters) is the home stadium for two clubs of the highest Spanish league (División de Honor) — VRAC Quesos Entrepinares and SilverStorm - El Salvador. Both teams represent Valladolid and regularly fight for first places in tournaments such as the European Challenge Cup, Copa del Rey de Rugby, and the Copa Ibérica de Rugby (competitions between Spanish and Portuguese clubs).

It was the first international project of rugby fields lighting by BL GROUP. We thoroughly took into the account all the specific nuances and subtleties of rugby when conducting pre-design lighting calculations. Rugby is full of explosive movements, and the transition from static game situations to sprint spurts occurs almost instantly. Therefore, we chose Altius B floodlights of boos trademark, the glare effect of which is minimized.

The project was implemented by the Spanish division of BL GROUP — boos Technical Lighting — in collaboration with the company ELECTRICIDAD PASCUAL DE DIEGO.

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