June 26, 2019

The lighting of Aram street in Yerevan

Aram street is one of the streets, which embodies the spirit of ancient Yerevan. It is located in the central district of the city Kentron and is neighboring such city attractions and sights as Square of Republic, souvenirs market Vernisage and literature and books museum named after Yegishe Charents. The name of the street was always connected with politics : now it is named after politician Aram Manykian , in the Soviet days the name of the street was dedicated to revolutionary Souren Spendarian, in the 19th century it was called Tsar street to commemorate the stay of Russian emperor Nicolas I during his visit Yerevan.

The street has one way movement narrow roadway. The buildings are squeezed to each other, as if they want to keep the historic atmosphere. Indeed, more and more ultramodern hotels and business centers, which speak with ineradicable 21st century accent appear here, but neighboring public gardens and monuments add harmony and simplicity. In spite of its location in the very city center, the street keeps itself far from the city bustle.

The lighting of the roadway increases such feeling. The projects was implemented in partnership with the City hall of Yerevan. Energy efficient LED lighting fixtures “Pobeda LED” of GALAD were installed. During summer evenings, when it is not so hot and the traffic is not heavy, the street turns into practically pedestrian area.

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