June 26, 2019

Illumination of Aram Street in Yerevan

Aram Street is one of those that embody the spirit of ancient Yerevan. It is located in Kentron, the central district of Yerevan near to cultural and historical attractions such as Republic Square, the Vernissage souvenir market and the Eghishe Charents Museum of Literature and Books.

The street has a narrow one-way carriageway. The buildings are crowded together, as if wanting to preserve the historic atmosphere. More and more ultra-modern business centers and hotels appear here, but ancient squares and monuments manage to hold their own thanks to their harmony. Despite its location in the very center of the city, the street manages to keep away from the hustle and bustle.

The roadway illumination enhances this feeling. The project was implemented jointly with the City Hall of Yerevan. Energy efficient GALAD Victory LED luminaires were installed. On summer evenings, when the heat cools down and the flow of cars decreases, the street practically turns into a pedestrian zone.

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