July 04, 2019

The safe light: illumination of a tunnel in Yerevan

The tunnel illuminated by BL GROUP is located on Mesrop Mashtots Avenue — one of the key traffic routes of Yerevan, which crosses the city center from the Institute of Ancient Manuscripts Matenadaran in the north to the Victory Bridge in the south. The project was implemented within the framework of the general improvement program of the city infrastructure, which is being conducted by the Yerevan City Hall. Lighting has become one of the targets, alongside with a major overhaul of the storm drain system. GALAD Triumph LED luminaires were installed.

This project is an example of the lighting solution adaptation to the design features of the object. The luminaires “took shelter” in the cavities on the ceiling of the tunnel, as if in fortress loopholes. They do not distract the drivers’s attention, whilst the shapes of the building are literally moulded by light. Thanks to the location of the devices, all parts of the roadway are evenly illuminated; drivers get immersed into a comfortable lighting environment without glare effects.

The avenue, where tunnel is located, is named after Mesrop Mashtots, the creator of the Armenian alphabet and writing. It keeps traces of the ancient city and reflects the development of architecture in the Soviet period. On the one side, next to the tunnel, we see the Blue Mosque, which since the time of its creation in the 1760s has been representing the Armenian-Iranian friendship. And on the other side a shopping center Pak Shuka is located, which was well-known as Indoor Market in the Soviet era.

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