July 04, 2019

Safe light: lighting of a tunnel in Yerevan

The tunnel, lighted by ILEC «BLGROUP», is located in Mesrop Mashtots prospect — one of the key traffic routes of Yerevan, which crosses the city center from the Institute of early manuscripts Matenadaran in the north and the Victory bridge in the south. The project of light modernization is implemented within the general program of urban infrastructure improvement, which is done by the City Hall of Yerevan. Lighting became one of the tasks of the program along side with the capital repairs of the rain disposal system. GALAD lighting fixtures “Victoria LED” were installed.

This project is an example of adapting the lighting engineering decision to the constructive features of an object. The lighting fittings “were hidden” in the coffers of the tunnel like in the gun slots of a fortress. They do not divert the attention of drivers, at the same time the contours of the construction are literally shaped by light. The location of the equipment creates the balancing illumination of all parts of the roadway. The drivers entering the tunnel found themselves in the comfortable lighting environment without any dazzle effects.

The tunnel is located in the important point of the landscape of Yerevan. The prospect , named after the M. Mashtots, the creator of Armenian alphabet and written language, keeps the traces of an ancient city and reflects the development of architecture in the Soviet period. Next to the tunnel from one side there is the Blue Mosque, which from the moment of its foundation in 1760 until now is the symbol of Armenian – Iranian friendship. The trade center “ Pak Shuka” , successor of the famous Roofed market is located from the other side.

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