July 11, 2019

Preparing drivers to go round a corner: one more function of our lighting equipment in Armenia

Not only the concepts of lighting of historic streets were among the projects of BL GROUP in Yerevan, but also several local solutions for road lighting. One of them concerns Monte Melkonyan street in the Malatia-Sebastia district. It runs from Leningradyan Street to Isakov Avenue, and our GALAD Triumph LED luminaires were installed exactly at the exit to this avenue. The project was carried out through the joint efforts of YerGorSvet and BL GROUP.

Lighting is successfully embedded in the image of the street, which is not surrounded by buildings, with just a few trees along the road. Therefore, it gives a feeling of freedom. The properly designed lighting helps drivers correctly assess the traffic situation and prepare to go round the corner. During the maneuver it is especially important that all sections of the road are evenly illuminated and there are no glare effects.

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