August 02, 2019

Combining the Smart Lighting Control and the Retro Style on the Main Highway of Minsk

Lighting engineering equipment will appear on Nezavisimosti avenue in Minsk. Smart energy-efficient solutions are being implemented as part of lighting modernization in the central part of the capital of the Republic of Belarus, while the design of luminaires and lighting poles is meant to emphasize the historical look of the main highway in Minsk.

Transformations started shortly before the Second European Games held in the city in June 2019. Now, light lines are being renovated in the section from Nezavisimosti Square to Kozlova Street. 550 GALAD Sphere LED will be used. Their design fits into the project concept, i. e. to return the style of retro lamps that adorned the avenue from the middle of the last century and at the same time achieve maximum energy efficiency through lighting control.

Neyavisimosti avenue is the main compositional diameter for the Minsk planning. From the early 19th century, the avenue developed as a transport axis and a part of the major logistic route joining Moscow and Warsaw. The best neo-classical architectural ensembles were formed around it. In the section with our luminaires, we can point out a number of buildings constructed in the 1940s–1950s: Minsk Hotel, Main Post Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs buildings, Centralny Cinema, National Bank, and Main Universal Store.

We know that the avenue's authenticity is treated reverently here: Installing conditioners on exterior facades and glazing of balconies having an architectonic value is prohibited. Our classical shape luminaires reminding of retro style lamps will help preserve the unique atmosphere of the avenue and emphasize its harmony.

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