August 06, 2019

Solutions for Landscape and Architectural Lighting in the Exposition of ILEC ÄBL GROUPÄ at the Interlight Russia 2019 Exhibition

All three expositions of the Corporation at the Interlight Russia | Intelligent building Russia 2019 exhibition will be dedicated to the smart city concept. One of them demonstrates the expertise of ILEC “BL GROUP” in landscape, architectural, and greenhouse lighting. Emphasis is made on urban aesthetics divided into thematic areas. Everything is true to life: park, reservoir, bridge, and open space for a promenade.

Landscape luminaires of the GALAD trademark — Aquata LED and Triton LED — are located in the section with the recreated conditions of a park with forestry and a water body. Moreover, an example of the architectural lighting of a bridge is shown using Aurora LED and Contour LED luminaires.

A little way away a walkway stretches, where a collective vision of an evening walk is created using Cordoba LED and Granada LED luminaires. As in any park, in the middle of the walkway visitors will be able to see an art object in the form of an illuminated bench next to which an Omega LED luminaire will be installed.

A small area illustrates the specifics of the illumination of hardscape that is a natural concomitant of both recreational public spaces and historical city centers. You will be able to see Bollard LED and Orbis LED luminaires. An object symbolizing building facade that is illuminated by an Altair LED supplements the architectural lighting theme.

An unusual guest on this stand is the space simulating a greenhouse. It will present new developments for protected plant cultivation based on photoculture technologies: Arcline Phyto LED, Phyto Top Line LED, and Twin Phyto LED. You will see solutions for trellis cultivation systems and multi-tier rack systems which caught serious interest of agro-industry specialists at such specialized exhibitions as GreenTech 2019 in Amsterdam and Protected Ground of Russia 2019 in Moscow. We believe that modern greenhouse complexes are easily integrated into a smart city and, what is more, into the part called their lungs.

On this stand, the visitors of the exposition of ILEC “BL GROUP” will be able enjoy the part of an interactive tour where they can use a special tablet and the elements of augmented reality to see how our solutions meet any smart city's needs. In addition, here you will be able discuss new solutions and compare notes over a cup of coffee.

The Interlight Russia | Intelligent building Russia 2019 will take place on September 10–13 in Expocenter Fairgrounds in Moscow. We invite you to visit stands FE35, FE40, and FD50 at the Forum pavilion with the exposition of ILEC “BL GROUP”!

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