August 21, 2019

Adriatic Idyll under the Light by Boos

The geography of international projects of ILEC “BL GROUP” expands continually. A new mark has appeared on the global map of lighting engineering solutions provided by our Corporation, Montenegro, with its idyllic coast of the Adriatic Sea. The sea, summer, yachts, promenade and lights dancing and playing in sea waves – these are the ideas behind the project of illumination of the Portonovi Residential Complex in the town of Kumbor realized by the Spanish subsidiary of the Corporation, BOOS TECHNICAL LIGHTING.

Portonovi is an amenity-rich area along the shores of Bay of Kotor, a UNESCO Heritage Site. Villas, residences and other luxury estates are interlaced with commercial and entertainment infrastructure. The scenery calls to memories of all the descriptions of ritzy seaside towns you can find in popular books and films: a yacht club, two bathing beaches, fitness and spa centers, sporting locations, shops, restaurants, you name it.

Here, architecture, landscape design and the nature merge into a symbiosis, a fabric, whose one side is washed by calm waters of the Adriatic Sea and on the other is covered by lush green carpet of nearby hills. Panoramic view of lively glow of tiled roofs allures, boats prancing in the harbor glare and shimmer against the azure, the sea-line besprent with crimson sunset spots invites off the shore — the Balkan Paradise, as the coast was christened long ago, flaunts all its enticements. The beauty is everywhere, even in stone-paved paths under one’s feet.

Casiopea Star One and Casiopea Bracket range lighting fixtures by boos complete the image of both the esplanade and the inner area of the Resident Complex. Terraced architecture, which reminds of seaside towns, needs a composition keynote, i.e., appropriate lighting. While providing its practical down-to-earth functionality, lighting merges technology and aesthetics. When day light fade and Portonovi gets into its evening dress, we can see the all capabilities of the light. On the seafront, it is soft and tender, like gentle lapping of waves. Around the buildings, it turns time back and renders them akin to noble villas of the nineteenth century. The panoramic picture shows the complete view.

We hope that in concert with its title this project will become the New Port, from where our solutions will continue their adventure like ships in the limitless ocean.

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