August 27, 2019

Light through Water Splashes

A water park is a source of cheerful emotions. To children, its steep slides and water splashes are like a fairy tale. To the adults, these amusements give a chance to go back to their childhood. A water park should create an atmosphere of festivity at its very entrance. Thus, it is very important to make sure that all the elements of the infrastructure – including lighting systems – serve to establish this state of mind.

This was the aim set before the ILEC “BL GROUP” for the project of illuminating the premises of Lazurny Water Park located in Nizhny Olshanets Settlement of the Belgorod Region. A solution was required, which would fit into the concept of a shore-side entertainment complex where all the facilities – from the breathtaking Multislide to the pool decorated with fairy-tale, cartoon characters, and dedicated to little children – make visitors laugh with delight.

The GALAD Granada LED lighting fixtures were selected to illuminate the premises of the Water Park, footpaths and locations adjacent to water amusements. The periphery of the complex and in the parking area feature GALAD Volna Mini LED fixtures. The Likhoslavl Plant of Light Engineering “Svetotekhnika”, one of Russian enterprises of the Corporation, produces these devices. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation issued a certificate confirming that these industrial products are manufactured in Russia.

The new illumination extends recreational possibilities to late evenings. Beach volleyball enthusiasts may now enjoy their favorite game after sunset without the day’s parching heat. Eager adepts of romantic photo sessions in elegant pavilions take advantage of our illumination as a stage setting. The lighting will no doubt be critical for various cultural and entertainment activities that are held here on a regular basis – they will no more depend on time of day.

The project has been realized in cooperation with a reliable partner of the Corporation, the Association “Russian Light”. The “Agro-Belogorie” Group, the developer of the Water Park, took the role of the principal. When electing the name for the Water Park, the principal took the opinion of region residents into consideration: a special contest was held, and as the result, the Water Park has received a romantic name, Lazurny (“Azure”).

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