August 27, 2019

Our lighting through splashes of water

A water park is a source of vivid emotions. For children this is a fairy tale, and for adults — the opportunity to return to childhood, at least for one day. Even at the entrance to the water park, the atmosphere provides the foretaste of the holiday. And it is very important that all elements of the infrastructure (including lighting) set a joyful mood.

It was this task that BL GROUP faced in the project of lighting the territory of the Lazurny (“Azure”) water park, which is located in the village of Nizhny Olshanets, Belgorod Region. We had to create a solution that fits into the general concept of the beach complex, where all objects greet you with open smiles — from the spectacular four-lane slide to the pool for the youngest visitors with decorations from cartoons and fairy tales.

For pedestrian paths and the area near water attractions we chose GALAD Granada LED luminaires. And along the perimeter of the complex and in the parking zone GALAD Wave Mini LED were installed. New lighting expands leisure opportunities in the evening. Those who enjoy playing beach volleyball can escape the scorching heat by playing after sunset. Fans of romantic photo shoots in picturesque summer houses use our lighting as decoration. And it will also be very useful for various cultural and recreational events that regularly take place in the complex.

The project was implemented jointly with a reliable partner, the Russian Light Association. The customer, Agro-Belogorye, which was involved in the construction of the water park, took into account the opinion of the residents of the region even when choosing the name of the water park. The complex was given the poetic name "Azure" as the result of a special competition.

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