September 02, 2019

Console Version of Cassiopeia LED in Nizhny Novgorod

Project requirements often stimulate the development of novel lighting engineering solutions. The project of illumination of Svetloyarsky Park in Nizhny Novgorod is an example of such inspiration.

Last year, at Interlight Moscow powered by Light + Building 2018 Expo, the ILEC BL GROUP announced a new form of its engineering solution – the console version of GALAD Cassiopeia LED. The manufacturer managed to give advanced technical features, such as high-quality light distribution through use of lenses, effective heat removal from LEDs with a radiator and a watertight power unit, a new futuristic dome-like shape, which reminds of a celestial body.

These lighting fixtures are mostly installed in historical city centers or at premises where the use metal structures is either undesirable or impossible. In such cases, the lighting products are mounted on a cable. However, in Svetloyarsky Park, the lighting fixtures were mounted on poles with the use of consoles. The Promsvet Company, one of the Corporation’s key partners, saw the promise of this new solution, and our joint efforts resulted in the first batch of the console version of the GALAD Cassiopeia model LED-40-SHB1/K60 lighting fixture (18/3535/4000K/RAL9005/D/0/GEN2).

The new products were installed in the Park, which is currently being improved as part of the “Comfortable Urban Environment” program. This public space has been a place of attraction to both residents of the city’s Sormvosky district and visitors from its other parts. Sometimes local parks play minor roles in an urban dweller. The Svetloyarsky Park, however, is quite another case: its frequent visitors like to keep the improvement activities under control.

As part of improvement activities on the path network and the Park’s geometry in general aimed at aligning it with the architectural and space-planning design, the GALAD Cassiopeia LED lighting fixtures were installed. These products that rest on thin poles blend with the landscape seamlessly: the smiley-like lighting fixtures smoothly integrated in the rank of birches and light up here every evening.

Another solution offered by the ILEC “BL GROUP” for the project is also closely tied with landscape improvement and amenities. Along with a pedestrian area surrounding Svetloyarskoye Lake, bike and jogging paths, sports and children’s play areas a new area for photo sessions is being build. The area features some forlorn columns, the remnants of a demolished building. These columns will be covered with graffiti and become an art object in its own right. Even now, the columns draw attention due to architectural illumination based on the GALAD Vega LED lighting products. Artful use of decorative potential of lighting makes it possible to exploit further the rhythmic resonance with the greenery: the futuristic “trees” will undoubtedly attract the attention of teenagers.

It is always satisfying when a project outgrows beyond the standard solution and acquires a forward-looking quality, both in terms of developing a novel product and of merging the illumination with the landscape environment. We would like to express our gratitude to our trusted partner, the Promsvet Company, for cooperation whose fruits would soon be ready to be enjoyed by the residents of Nizhni Novgorod in September. The Park opening is very soon!

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