September 18, 2019

Solutions of ILEC BL GROUP at Interlight 2019 Expo

The exhibition of ILEC BL GROUP at the recently held Interlight Russia & Intelligent Building Russia 2019 Exhibition was dedicated to integration of lighting engineering solutions with information and communication systems, digital platforms, networks and services within the framework of the Smart City concept. The three exhibition stands presented solutions for Smart City's functional objects, as well as those intended for other external lighting and interior illumination applications. Each of the stands made it possible for its visitors to interact with “smart lighting engineering objects” via BL GROUP AReality (augmented reality) mobile application in order to demonstrate practical methods of integration of our solutions with the Smart City infrastructure.

At the first exhibition booth, our visitors could see solutions intended for lighting management systems, illumination of streets and roads and elements of large infrastructure (e.g., airports) and athletics facilities.

BRIZ-Smart Light is a new solution for individual management of lighting fixtures and precise control over operation of each individual lighting fixture. The system supports such telecommunication technologies as power line communication, NB-IoT and LPWAN. Running status of any device within the system is monitored in terms of line current consumption using a current sensor and an electricity meter located within an external lighting control cabinet.

Smart pole comprises a functional complex with every module performing a specific function and helping create a comfortable environment of Smart City. The modules include video surveillance equipment, sensors that gather information, a charging station with outlets for a variety of electronic devices (from an electric car to hand-held gadgets), a Wi-Fi router, equipment for projector systems, as well as a light source hidden beneath the shell of a module. Since the pole design is modular, the required combinations of functions can be selected, and the height of the support structure can be adjusted.

The Antivandal SunPole lighting pole featuring solar panels is a conceptually new solution within the support structure range. The product is completely independent from electric grids. Three compact solar panels are located on the anodized aluminum casing of the pole. Apart from its main purpose, it also powers auxiliary devices that require energy, e.g., metering instruments. All support systems can be controlled via a mobile application. Flexible selection of form factor makes it possible to install the product at any location within Smart City, even at those uncovered by traditional infrastructure.

Operation of warning lights for airport runways could be tested through augmented reality. The demonstration allowed visitors to become a virtual pilot and understand what he feels when landing an airplane with the warning lights showing the way to safety.

Modes of sports lighting operation were demonstrated, as well as the way they change the appearance of athletic events. A movement sensor located at a road intersection adjusted brightness of illumination to create an environment both safe for pedestrians and energy efficient.

The second exhibition booth demonstrated new types of technological solutions for public spaces of Smart City, including those intended for architectural, greenhouse and landscape illumination.

A glowing park bench provides not only an artistic potential of light for bright entertainment and a place where one can recharge gadgets, but also a method of presence and location detection, which allows to quickly collect information on movement of people.

Using a mobile device and changing the brightness of park-and-garden lighting systems allows one to appreciate changes of illumination's aesthetic impact on the surrounding landscape.

Architectural illumination of a bridge both establishes an artistic solution and serves as a color-coded navigation system for road users by providing visual information on traffic status.

The greenhouse lighting sector featured novel solutions for illuminating multi-tier rack-type growing stations and trellis systems. The new color recipe, successfully scientifically proven and practically tested, improves the effectiveness of horticulture.

The third exhibition booth displayed solutions for interior lighting.

The Human Centric Lighting concept, the concept of automated dynamic illumination with adjustable color temperature to adapt to human biorhythms, was represented by versions intended for office and administrative buildings, education institutions, commercial areas and household environments. Light properties are adjusted to fit the situation, thus the beneficial effect on the well-being and mood.

To control lighting product operating modes, activate the energy-saving mode and enable sequential change of color temperature within 2700 K to 6500 K, a lighting panel in the form of a checker board was developed. Using the BL GROUP's AReality mobile application, our guests were able to create areas of comfort by adjusting the color and brightness of either the whole pane or of individual lighting fixtures and their groups.

Solutions for illumination of production shops were demonstrated with the use of actual process equipment. The installation demonstrated on practice, how various lighting engineering parameters affect the effectiveness of manufacturing processes.

Our tour of the Corporation's exhibits concludes with a practical implementation of our solution for illuminating and preserving museum showpieces by managing illumination.

All the solutions are based on the equipment developed and manufactured at ILEC BL GROUP’s plants in Russia.

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