September 18, 2019

BL GROUP’s solutions at Interlight 2019

Our exposition at the recent exhibition Interlight Russia I Intelligent building Russia 2019 was devoted to the integration of lighting solutions in information and communication systems, digital platforms, networks and services of Smart City. At three stands, solutions were presented for the functional objects of Smart City, other areas of application of outdoor lighting and indoor lighting. In order to interact with smart lighting facilities visitors used BL GROUP AReality (augmented reality) mobile application, which shows the practical ways to integrate our solutions into the technological infrastructure.

At the first stand, our guests got acquainted with solutions for lighting control systems, for streets and roads lighting, large areas (for example, the airport) and sports lighting facilities.

BREEZE-Smart Light is a new solution for individual control of lighting devices and precise control over the operation of each luminaire. The system supports telecommunication control technologies Power Line Communication, NB-IoT, LPWAN. You can check the operating status of any device within the system.

Smart support is a whole technological complex, each element performing a certain function and helping to create a comfortable environment for the “Smart City”. There are such opportunities as video surveillance equipment, sensors for collecting information, equipment for charging various electronic devices (from electric cars to tiny gadgets), a Wi-Fi router, equipment for projection installations and even a luminaire hidden inside the shell of one of the modules. You can select various combinations of functions and change the height of the metal structure.

Antivandal SunPole with solar panels is a fundamentally new solution in the class of metal structures. 3 compact solar panels are mounted on the body. In addition to its main purpose, it also feeds additional devices that require energy. Antivandal SunPole can be controlled using a mobile application. Due to the flexible choice of form factor, it can be used in any location of the Smart City, even in hard-to-reach places.

Among other solutions we draw your attention to special lights for airstrips and for sports objects as well as a pedestrian safety lighting system.

At the second stand, we presented solutions for the public spaces of Smart City, architectural, greenhouse and landscape lighting.

A glowy park bench conveys the artistic potential of light and also provides opportunities for recharging gadgets and collecting information about people’s movements.

Changing the brightness of landscape lighting with a mobile device allows you to recognize the importance of lighting’s impact on the surrounding landscape.

Architectural lighting of the bridge provides not only an artistic solution, but also color road navigation.

In the greenhouse lighting sector, innovative solutions for lighting multi-tiered rack-mounted installations and trellis systems are presented.

The third stand showed solutions for indoor lighting.

The concept of Human Centric Lighting (automated dynamic lighting with varying color temperature) offers a plenty of options for office and administrative buildings, educational institutions, retail and sweet, sweet home. Depending on the situation, the color temperature changes and influence beneficially on your health and mood.

Lighting solutions for production facilities clearly show how various lighting parameters affect the efficiency of production processes using examples of real production equipment.

And our tour concludes in the area of museum lighting, where you can find control lighting solutions.

All solutions are created and manufactured at the domestic plants of BL GROUP.

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