October 01, 2019

Our pilot project in Blagoveshchensk

The goal of integrating BL GROUP’s lighting solutions into the digital platforms of Smart City is to create an energy-efficient, easily controlled and comfortable lighting that maintains high standards in all lighting parameters, including light distribution. Our equipment should support communication technologies and take into account the climatic features of the region.

These were the objectives that we achieved jointly with a reliable partner — SMART LIGHT SOLUTIONS — in Blagoveshchensk, implementing pilot project of the illumination of Lenin Street and the building of the Administration of the Amur Region. Our partner is developing a top-level information and communication platform to which all the services of Smart City are connected, including artificial lighting systems.

Lenin Street is both the key transport roadway of Blagoveshchensk and one of the city’s most striking cultural and historical routes. Its geographical location is significant: being in the southern part of the city, it goes side by side not only with Amur River, but also with the Russian-Chinese border. Many of the city’s sightseeing places are located exactly on the stretch of street we illuminated — from the intersection with Naberezhnaya Street to the junction with Krasnoflotskaya Street — over 7 km long. Among them are the Philharmonic hall, the city’s Theater, the Social and Cultural center, the local history center, the Regional Library, the Pedagogical University, the military school and the Amur stadium.

The unusual arrangement of the GALAD Wave LED and GALAD Wave Mini LED luminaires (on the curly brackets) gives the pedestrian part of the street a dynamic that enlivens the evening panorama and makes it noble and sublime.

Thanks to the lighting, flowerbeds, lawns, green spaces and pavers are marked with extreme clarity.

The building of the Administration of the Amur Region is also located on Lenin Street. For its architectural lighting we chose GALAD Perseus LED, GALAD Vega LED and GALAD Aurora LED luminaires.

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