September 24, 2019

Security and aesthetics of lighting at Igora Drive

The best way to test the effectiveness of ILEC BL GROUP's road lighting solutions is to use them at a racing track. The track's complex relief and super speeds of vehicles pose a great challenge to lighting engineering parameters that affect brightness of road pavement. Serpentine turns that a racing car negotiates the inner apex, treacherous chicanes with abrupt direction changes and long straight sections where one takeover may seal the fate of a race -- in each of these areas the light should assist the pilot in making split-second decisions, but not dazzle with too much brightness.

The Corporation will put its experience gained when implementing such projects as Sochi Car Racing Complex to good use when illuminating Igora Drive, a complex of race tracks, which is expected to become the largest in Russia. The Racing Complex is located in Priozersky District of the Leningrad Area (approximately 60 km north of Saint Petersburg), in the vicinity of the Igora Lake. Unstoppable speed has long been the mark of this location: a mountain ski resort was built here. Now, auto and motorcycle racing, endurocross, rally, motocross, carting and even winter racing professionals would be offered new opportunities to train and compete: the 100-hectare Complex accommodates 10 circuits!

Currently, last preparations are on the way as the grand opening scheduled to late 2019 draws near. Some key quality-related features are apparent even now, however. Circuit configuration was developed by the internationally acclaimed architect Hermann Tilke -- the author of concepts of many Formula 1 racing complexes. All the tracks comply with international standards; they permit speeds of up to 300 km/h. Fifty thousand spectators will be able to visit competitions held at the facility.

To illuminate race courses, GALAD Everest LED spotlights were used. The lighting fixtures were installed on OPORA ENGINEERING lighting poles -- these are the poles that the visitors of Interlight Russia | Intelligent building Russia 2019 Exhibition were able to view using the augmented reality technology. The project was realized in cooperation with a reliable partner of the Corporation – TH Energo Alliance. The project took half a year. Activities involved detailed lighting engineering calculations and optimal mast placement.

We look forward to opening of the facility! Doubtless, the crucial task of our lighting is to enhance security level of this intense sport. However, light serves an aesthetic function, too. It helps spectators (especially TV viewers) to feel the spirit of racing. When a group of race cars rushes before the grandstand like a rising tsunami wave, the light helps to capture the fragile beauty of the moment -- the drive!

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