August 30, 2019

Solutions by ILEC “BL GROUP” enliven the interior of a Valencian basilica

Let us enter the basilica of a Roman Catholic cathedral and feast our eyes on its Neo-Gothic architecture. Columns that bring together grandeur and plasticity are interspersed with arcs, and the interior seems to breathe. Ornamental column heads, the dome, which reaches upwards and sheening stained-glass panes are all full of dynamism. The setting is complete with a sonorous Gregorian chant coming, as it seems, from above.

Here one understands, as never before, how much may illumination sway moods.

All these aspects were to be considered when developing a lighting engineering solution for Basílica de San Vicente Ferrer in Valencia. The cathedral is located in the center of the city, and though it is a part of many tourist routes, it is more popular among local residents. Valencians believe that this cathedral dedicated to Vincent Ferrer, the patron saint of the city, guards the city against any harm. The basilica was built during the period of 1906 to 1921 by joint efforts of Francisco Estrudi, Joaquín María Arnau Miramón and Francisco Almenar, and its shapeliness of facade and richness of interior leave an onlooker stunned. Stained-glass panes made of Bohemian crystal represent the scenes from the life of Vincent Ferrer. Statuaries and paintings narrate about acts of the saints.

The BOOS TECHNICAL LIGHTING, Spanish division of ILEC “BL GROUP”, in cooperation with the RIDE ELECTROTECNIA Company, developed the project of interior illumination of the cathedral. They installed the GALAD Aurora LED spotlights fitted with special lenses adapted to ensure the best vertical and horizontal illumination of the facility. Our partner developed a mobile application to control illumination, which makes it possible to enable the required lighting mode in just a few seconds.

The video shot from a drone demonstrates the beauty of the cathedral’s interior and the effectiveness of the application. In some places, the light embraces the columns as a gossamer-like sheen, in other places it enlivens the walls like marezzo marble and places emphasis on the pieces of art located here. The combination of sunlight shining through stained-glass panels and artificial lighting enhances the impression of the architectural and artistic ensemble.

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