September 11, 2019

Presentation of the Fourth Edition of the Light Engineer’s Handbook

On September 10, 2019 during the first day of the Interlight Russia | Intelligent building Russia 2019 Exhibition, the fourth edition of the Light Engineer’s Handbook was presented at the exhibition display of the ILEC “BL GROUP” located in the Forum Pavilion. The Handbook was issued under the general editorship of Y. B. Aisenberg and G. V. Boos.

When presenting the fourth edition of the Light Engineer’s Handbook, Georgiy Boos and Yulian Aisenberg expressed similar opinions, however, each speaker approached the merits of the book from a different angle.

G. Boos laid emphasis on the fact that in the context of the fast-paced lighting engineering industry this book may become a guide for professionals of modern lighting engineering industry, which is actively integrating with interdisciplinary business processes. According to G. Boos, the book analyses all the latest theoretical and practical achievements of the industry related to such aspects as automated lighting device control systems, power efficiency, focus of lighting engineering solutions on environment protection, as well as lighting design.

Lighting design was also a topic in the detailed and inspiring speech of Y. Aisenberg. He noted the major role that the aesthetics plays in lighting design, which has brought about reappraisal of values in this sphere.

Summarizing the theoretical and practical results achieved by the book, Y. Aisenberg elaborated that the Handbook covers all the key innovations in all the fields of application of illumination and lighting, and that their embracement and interpretation will shape the future of the industry.

Y. Aisenberg dedicated a considerable part of his speech to issues of underestimated lighting engineering solution applications. While these solutions are not currently the very demanded by the consumers, they have prospects of fundamentally affecting Russia’s economy. Y. Aisenberg noted that many view the use of lighting too narrowly – in terms of a specific customer, manufacturer or segment – and that “unfortunately not all appreciate the role of lighting for the country”.

Some of the examples of lighting engineering solution applications that should be given most focused attention include light culture of plant cultivation, use of light for water treatment, application of light ranging for fast data gathering, solar power generation and application of light for medical purposes.

According to Y. Aisenberg, “the latest edition of the Lighting Engineer’s Handbook may serve as a road map in the development of the Exhibition in order to tackle one of its key goals – attracting young people to become lighting engineers”.

The book stirred strong interest in the visitors of the Exhibition. A large batch of orders for publication has already been received at the exhibition stand of the Magazine.

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