September 13, 2019

Sergey Gerasimovich Mitin Visited the ILEC ”BL GROUP” Exhibition Stand

Sergey Mitin, the First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Federation for Agriculture and Food Policies and Management of Natural Resources, visited the Interlight Russia | Intelligent building Russia 2019 International Exhibition, which is currently held at the Central Exhibition Complex Expocenter in Moscow.

His attention was drawn to the innovative technology of small-volume plant cultivation in a completely controlled environment, represented at the ILEC “BL GROUP” stand. Unique spectra of phyto-lamps developed by Russian scientists with financial support of national businesses make it possible to cultivate agricultural plants everywhere on the globe irrespective of climatic conditions. Use of light-emitting diodes as the light source had eliminated technical constraints that impeded use of new lamp types used in greenhouses for the last half century.

According to the Senator, the Provisional Committee views its main goal in providing statutory support to the introduction into the agricultural complex and industries of such innovative technologies that would make it possible to breach the technological gap of the national agricultural complex.

Sergey Mitin shared that following the results of the tour around the exhibition stand the Provisional Committee will explore in detail the issues of providing statutory support to the development of the phyto-lamp technology to be applied by the domestic agricultural industry, as well as the issues and prospects associated with its application during its next session. These technologies are extremely important to the agricultural complex in general, and especially for the Arctic regions.

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