October 31, 2019

Svetoservice-Volgograd brings romance to Volgograd’s squares

The projects of Svetoservice-Volgograd, a regional division of BL Group, are often implemented as part of “Creating a Comfortable Environment” program, which is carried out by the city authorities and the Governor of the Volgograd Region Andrey Bocharov. This is logical, given the company's activities in the format of public-private partnerships — the Concession Agreement with the administration of Volgograd.

Lighting a barely created public space on Kazakhskaya Street in the Soviet district of Volgograd is a typical example of a project when lighting solutions are included in the process of comprehensive landscaping. This new square, which was created near the city hospital No. 7., was also in the list of the above-mentioned program for 2019.

Walking around the park is in full swing in the evening hours, so the lighting here plays both a functional and aesthetic role, filling the atmosphere with a full portion of romance. Employees of Svetoservice-Volgograd installed 38 GALAD Torch LED luminaires, which are fitted on OPORA ENGINEERING decorative poles. And lighting control in automatic mode is implemented on the basis of an external lighting control system manufactured by Svetoservice-TM.

Great strides have been made in the area of creating powerful and catchy lighting images of various Volgograd’s objects. Following in footsteps of other BL GROUP’s divisions that have acquired experience in many Russian cities, imaginative and talented employees of Svetoservice-Volgograd are prolifically working on key improvements for the global lighting image of the city. Evidently, it should convey heroic pages of Volgograd’s city as well as beauty of Volga River!

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