November 06, 2019

«Svetoservice-Volgograd» brings light to Volgograd region

The residents of the big cities often forget to appreciate the aesthetics of external lighting just because they are used to it. Very many of them take the light for granted and pay attention to it only when the illumination is not working.

And the residents of the countless small settlements, located on the vast spaces of our country, often face another problem. They would have been glad to admire the light streets, but the street lighting either has never existed in their ends of the earth or disappeared long ago. Can you imagine , what emotions feel the residents of 170 settlements of Volgograd region, where the street lighting was renewed this year?

The whole range of projects on renewing the illumination of streets and roads in the region was implemented by the company «Svetoservice-Volgograd» within the frame of the pilot project, initiated by the Governor of Volgograd region Andrey Bocharov. This project includes more than 170 settlements in 33 municipal districts of the region, it makes part of the program «Formation of the comfortable urban environment», timed for the period of 2019-2024.

The current results of the work are as follows: the workers of «Svetoservice-Volgograd» renewed 177 km of the outdoor lighting. Around 4000 lighting fittings Pobeda LED by GALAD were installed. The important aspect was the replacement of brackets: around 2000 plug – in brackets of “Standard” line by OPORA ENGINEERING were used. This modification goes well with reinforced concrete and wood poles: the metal construction is fastened on the side surface of a pole. According to the terms of the municipal contract, as well as in many other projects of «Svetoservice-Volgograd”, 36 months of guarantee are provided for the quality of lighting engineering equipment.

One gets accustomed to good things very quickly, and we are not already surprised, that the activities of «Svetoservice-Volgograd» are depicted practically by all regional mass media. But this time the projects, renewing the outdoor lighting are steadily in the agenda of several editions, and plenty of facts fused into full – grown history. The major role in its plot plays the wish of Andrey Bocharov to make residential zone more comfortable, his persistence in achieving this goal. And those workers of «Svetoservice-Volgograd», who are doing building and assembling, balancing and commissioning works, appear in the roles of public heroes, bringing light to people.

The local residents underline, that they feel more secure in the evening streets now. It is especially important for children, coming back home from school after out of school activities. The new lighting brought also unusual economic effect. The lighting illuminates the private yards, and this is very convenient for the residents, as they save on individual consumption of electric energy.

Imagine the country roads, where there was no even a light beam, and which are lighted up for the first time! Imagine the streets, which have already forgotten about electric lighting and were lighted only by the moon light… The inhabitants of the settlements of Volgograd region, who are familiar with the feeling of trembling from each shadow on the dark road, will definitely appreciate the functionality and aesthetics of new lighting. They deserved it!

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