November 08, 2019

Svetoservice-Volgograd reveals unique features of landscape

The stylistic and cultural diversity of the streets of Volgograd, a city with a rich and diverse architecture, is a factor that employees of Svetoservice-Volgograd, a regional division of BL GROUP, must constantly consider when implementing lighting modernization projects. In order to emphasize the beauty of urban panorama they enrich it with different light images.

Fulfilling the investment program of the Concession Agreement with the Administration of Volgograd for the construction of new outdoor lighting lines (LNO), the specialists of Svetoservice-Volgograd solve the complex task of improving the light and color environment of the city and at the same time embody the nature of each street by means of light.

A relevant example of this approach is Nezhdanova Street in Volgograd. Named after A.V. Nezhdanova, a famous Russian singer and actress of the Bolshoi Theater (1873-1950), it is part of a route, which is important for city traffic. According to the plan, OPORA ENGINEERING lighting poles (9 meters high) and GALAD Wave LED luminaires, were installed. Lighting control in automatic mode is implemented on the basis of the BRIZ-TM outdoor lighting control system manufactured by Svetoservice-TeleMehanika, which is also part of BL GROUP. Svetoservice-Volgograd operates the established lighting installation.

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