November 08, 2019

«Svetoservice-Volgograd» creates general, reveals unique

Stylistic diversity of the streets of Volgograd —the city of richest and various architecture —is the factor, which should be always taken into consideration by the workers of «Svetoservice-Volgograd» company, which enters into the composition of International Lighting Engineering Corporation “ BOOS Lighting GROUP», when implementing the lighting modernization projects.

The various light images are created both for the densely built streets , and for the streets, where the Volga wind blows freely. For those, which are tightened up in the corset of high-rise blocks of flats, for those, where the squat buildings firmly seized the ground, and for those, where the mixed build up dominates.

Implementing the investment program of the Concession Agreement with the Administration of Volgograd on building the new external lighting lines, the specialists of «Svetoservice-Volgograd» solve the complex task of improving the light and color environment of the city and revealing the charming peculiarity of each street by means of light.

The topical example of such approach —is the street named after Nezhdanova. It is part of the main traffic artery, which begins in Voroshilovsky district, and moving away from the center of the city, flows into Voldogradskya street. The street is named afterА.V. Nezhdanova, Russian singer and actress of the Bolshoi theatre (1873-1950). Within the framework of planned activities the pole of 9 meters high by OPORA ENGINEERING were installed there, crowned by lighting fittings Volna LED by GALAD. The automatic lighting control was implemented on the basis of external lighting control system «BRIZ-TM», manufactured by the company «Svetoservice-TeleMechanika», which also enters into the composition of the Corporation. «Svetoservice-Volgograd» operates this lighting plant.

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