November 25, 2019

A fabulous promenade and a bunch of streets in Elektrostal

In 2019, Svetoservis-Podmoskovye, a regional division of BL GROUP, carried out two lines of action in Elektrostal as part of the implementation of the Bright City program, namely, the modernization of architectural lighting and major rehabilitation of outdoor lighting.

On Lenin Avenue, which is the cultural and historical core of the city, we made further efforts to create a new image of this pedestrian promenade by means of architectural lighting. The fundamental concept on the basis of GALAD Kontur LED luminaires spread to houses No. 36, No. 39, No. 42, No. 43, and No. 45 in the style of Stalinist monumentalism. The lighting links the decoration of the front facades of buildings and green spaces.

The work plan for the overhaul of outdoor lighting covered the following city streets: a cluster of streets of Metallurgists, Chekhov, Chapaev, Zavodskaya, Labor passage and passage of Metallurgists; Ostrovsky Street; Krasnaya street; Komsomolskaya street; and the alley between Zhuravleva street and Western street. GALAD Torch LED luminaires were installed in the alley, and GALAD Wave LED — at all other facilities. A wide range of OPORA ENGINEERING metal structures was used, from various lighting supports to brackets of Standard and Vector series.

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