November 29, 2019

BL GROUP’s workshop in Kaliningrad

On November 21, 2019, in Kaliningrad, BL GROUP organized a workshop on the topic “Create your city using light. From concept to implementation”. The event was attended by representatives of building, engineering and developer companies from Kaliningrad and Poland.

After the audience learned key facts and figures about the Corporation, participants got acquainted with BL GROUP’s innovative energy-efficient lighting solutions for “Smart City”. Specialists of the Corporation’s divisions, Svetoproekt and Svetoservice-TM, successively revealed specific features of their solutions and presented recent cases. For example, the audience learned about integrated solutions for intelligent lighting control based on “BREEZE Smart Light”, a system manufactured by Svetoservice-TM.

The workshop was held at the invitation of the President of MEGAPOLIS group of companies, Evgeny Morozov. Thank you for the invitation and support in organizing the event!

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