November 29, 2019

ILEC «BL GROUP» seminar in Kaliningrad

On the 21st of November 2019 the representatives of ILEC “ BL GROUP”, invited by the President of the group of companies «MEGAPOLIS» Evgeny Mikhailovich Morozov, presented the Corporation. The representatives of building companies and construction firms, developers, technical specialists from Kaliningrad and Poland took part in this jointly organized workshop with the topic «Create your city by means of light. From the concept to implementation.

After the audience received the basic information about the Corporation, the new innovative technological and energy saving lighting engineering solutions of ILEC “ BL GROUP” for the «Smart city» were presented to the participants. The specialists of the companies, entering into the composition of Corporation — «Svetoproject» and «Svetoservice-TeleMechanika» — successively recounted the peculiarity of their activities and presented the implemented cases. For example, the participants learnt about the complex solutions on intellectual light control, based on the equipment «BRIZ Smart Light», manufactured by the company «Svetoservice-ТМ».

The participants of the seminar took an active part in the discussion and asked a lot of questions. ILEC «BL GROUP» expresses its gratitude to the President of the group of companies «MEGAPOLIS» Evgeny Mikhailovich Morozov for the invitation and provided support!

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