December 02, 2019

«Svetoservice-Moscow area» in Lukhovitsy: we grant light feelings

The residents of all communities of our country have the right to qualitative functional outdoor lighting, which is an integral part of safe and comfortable environment.

We are pleased, that the authorities are seriously considering this problem, that they make the towns and villages more and more illuminated within the framework of national projects and regional programs. It is encouraging, that the residents themselves watch over the quality of the executed works, that these projects are in the agenda of mass media, that the representatives of the administrations regularly inspect the objects. It means that this is really needed! That is why we make more and more often the publications, depicting the lighting of small towns. The company «Svetoservice- Moscow area», which enters into the composition of Corporation, actively participates in the implementation of the program “Light city». Here is one more story about the capital repair works of the power supply network facilities and outdoor lighting systems, which were done on the territory of Memorial complex «The lane of Glory» in Lukhovitsy.

This public space makes part of the cultural and historical core of the city and is located in its northern part, close to the historical and art museum. The row of monuments and the exposition of military equipment are located in the open area, which is next to Pushkin street. The Lane of Glory was created in the year of 2005.

The base of the lighting concept of this territory became the lighting fittings by the trade mark GALAD. Along the side of the lane the lighting fittings Fakel LED were mounted,closer to the sculptural compositions and military equipment samples —Aurora LED, Illuminator LED were also used.

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