December 23, 2019

Streets with human emotions

Streets are often like humans, at least in some way. Some of them bloom with smiles, creating a gorgeous atmosphere for a walk. Others embody the hustle and bustle of city life.

Lenin Square is the central forum and one of the most important tourist attractions in Tula. On the eve of the New Year it is decorated in the style of a fairytale. For example, a local skating rink represents some images from popular cartoons, and the New Year tree gives joy to the children playing around it.

The beauty of the whole ensemble is revealed thanks to the play of light. Light installations completely change the impression of square’s evening look. Of course, they were created by the efforts of various companies, including BL GROUP. OPORA ENGINEERING lighting poles and GALAD Everest LED floodlights were installed in the adjacent area to the city’s administration. Modification of floodlights with asymmetric optics was additionally developed specifically for the project, and our partner, Tulagorsvet, approved it for use.

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