February 12, 2020

Torre H in Oeiras: the magic of an enchanted forest

The BOOS Master Mind outdoor lighting control system, which allows to remotely manage the lighting system, is actively used in BL GROUP’s international projects. BOOS TECHNICAL LIGHTING — the Spanish division of the Corporation — has recently implemented a series of such solutions in Portugal.

Today, we are going to shed some light on lighting the area of the Torre H residential complex in Oeiras, a small town, which is the part of the Lisbon urban agglomeration, and is located on the Atlantic coast. Various types of lighting equipment of boos trade mark were used. NAICA luminaires were installed directly in the territory of the building and in the parking lot for residents, and GRANADA — in a small garden around the building. If you look closely at the luminaires, on the upper part of the device body you could see small modules, which are responsible for lighting control.

At the parking lot and near the building new lighting creates a comfortable environment for the residents and increases the energy efficiency of the residential complex systems. It gets even such more spectacular on the footpaths of the small garden! It merges with green spaces, achieving the harmonious balance of natural and man-made, which is so much appreciated in landscape gardening. From now on, the daily image and the enchanting evening one are like different worlds, and they mix like oil and water. That is why most residents prefer walking in this garden in the evenings, when the level of its beauty soars dramatically! And this is thanks in large part to BOOS Master Mind solutions and our specialists, that always master new skills and techniques for lighting control.

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