February 13, 2020

Hermitage, hall 278: preserving the historical look in a new light

We continue to observe the joint project of BL GROUP with the State Hermitage Museum. In the process of creating integrated lighting solutions for the hall 278 employees of Svetoservice-SPb and SvetoProekt, divisions of BL GROUP, were working together with the Hermitage specialists.

As in hall 275, the main goal was to create a single ensemble of lighting systems — exposure, architectural and general, while taking into account the specifics of natural light. But the presence of numerous valueless historical interior items in hall 278 was the distinctive feature of this part of the project. In the course of any work, it was necessary to take into account the strict requirement: to preserve the authentic appearance of the hall. This determined the choice of specific technical solutions.

The compositional center of the interior is a historical chandelier that remembers the atmosphere of St. Petersburg's high-class balls from the time of the Russian Empire. It gives us high and solemn feelings of the holiday. And even if this chandelier could not create the necessary level of lighting, it was impossible to change its constructive solution even at the slightest!

Given the relatively small size of the hall, the location above the chandelier near the ceiling turned out to be the most optimal one for lighting devices. Therefore, it was decided to place there an individually designed structure filled with GALAD Aphrodite LED luminaires, which perform the functions of exposure lighting of paintings and architectural lighting of the ceiling.

This solution provided the necessary level of illumination for the paintings and architectural features of the hall, retained the historical chandelier, and also avoided the standard method for such projects, say, mounting light devices on busbars. Here it was impossible to resort to this technique! It was unacceptable to pull new cables and wires, let alone to shatter the walls!

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