February 20, 2020

BOOS Master Mind on the uprising highway by the Atlantic coast

A regional highway N6 in Portugal continues a series of recent projects in which BOOS Master Mind outdoor lighting control system has been used. The solution that was in-house developed by BOOS TECHNICAL LIGHTING, the Spanish division of BL GROUP, offers great opportunities for remote lighting control. In other words, it allows turning the system on and off, and changing the level of illumination.

Now it is proving its effectiveness on N6, a regional highway along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The illuminated road section is located near Alto da Boa Viagem Park and other infrastructure facilities in Caxias. This town is a part of the Lisbon urban agglomeration.

NAICA luminaires solve the task of road lighting. Powered by BOOS MASTER Mind, small modules on the upper lid of the fixture are responsible for lighting control. From the functional point of view, the standards of the quality of lighting and its impact on road safety are high. Imagine a wandering serpentine full of dynamic turns. In these conditions, only high-quality lighting can warn the driver of danger in advance.

But this road is not just a way from point A to point B, but also one of the many images that draw tourist attraction to the Caxias’s beauty. This is a promenade and at the same time a wonderful spot for a photo shoot.

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