February 14, 2020

“Granada” and “Cordoba”: light in harmony with nature

Let’s discuss in meticulous detail GALAD Granada LED and GALAD Cordoba LED luminaires, which both are used for lighting landscape areas and public spaces.

Scope of application

These luminaires can be used on a wide range of objects that refer to both landscape and residential areas. If we analyze their application in current BL GROUP’s projects, it turns out that these devices were installed on pedestrian paths and alleys in parks, near ponds, in squares, public gardens and even in a water park in the heart of the entertainment infrastructure.

Technical features

GALAD Granada LED and GALAD Cordoba LED have a high degree of protection against dust and moisture (IP66) and a wide range of color temperatures (from 2700K to 6500K). Well-thought-out reliability is represented by solutions such as flat silicate tempered glass and gasket without silicone sealants. The design displays the maximum convenience of servicing the device: the cover opening system without screws and latches allows to do without additional tools, and one can replace the power supply and LED-board, as the lighting technicians say, “directly on the lighting pole without disconnecting the entire line”.

Both “Granada” and “Cordoba” have additional options available on request. More than 20 types of optics provide scope in choosing the most appropriate option depending on the project. Overvoltage protection up to 10 kV increases the reliability of lighting devices. The ability to integrate luminaires with automatic outdoor lighting control systems and control according to various protocols (1-10 V, BlueVolt, DALI, NightBalance) allows luminaires to become full-fledged elements of Smart City.

Many mounting options

Luminaires can adapt to any object due to the variety of designs. Various options can be used to achieve the maximum aesthetic unity of the device with the architectural and artistic environment in which it is integrated.


Some differences between the lights appear in the design. Both devices are designed in neoclassical style with thin lines and graceful shapes. “Granada” is more often used in the scenery of an idyllic, pastoral landscape, while “Cordoba” — in those locations where the landscape is more saturated with energy. At night, during the operation of the luminaires, an image of magic light from Arabian tales is created. No wonder, because Spanish cities of Granada and Cordoba are famous for magnificent examples of Moorish architecture!

Project Examples

“Granada” in recent years has been widely used in landscape zones in the western regions of Russia, especially in the Belgorod region. They adorn the Petrovskaya Krucha park in Grayvoron, the Lazurny water park in the village of Nizhny Olshanets, Memorial to the Liberatorsof Belgrade, and the Monument of Glory in Novosibirsk.

“Cordoba” became an integral element of the evening image of Jardim da Almuinha Grande park in the Portuguese city of Leiria. https://www.bl-g.ru/en/about/press_center/4830/

“Granada” in the rays of glory

GALAD Granada LED-24 was called the winner in the nomination "Luminaire for landscape gardening lighting" in the "Product of the Year" category of the Eurasian Golden Photon Prize 2019 in lighting engineering and electrical engineering.

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