March 03, 2020

Adão Barata Park in the dignified spirit of light

BOOS Master Mind outdoor lighting control system, a new solution developed in-house by BOOS TECHNICAL LIGHTING, the Spanish division of BL GROUP, is widely used in all the variety of our projects. One can find it on a multi-lane highway with swirling waters of traffic, on a noble-looking street in the historical center, and, of course, on pedestrian paths and alleys in landscape parks. The equipment has options of changing the level of illumination, quickly turning the lights on and off, as well as other functions of remote lighting control.

Adão Barata Park in Loures continues the gallery of recent projects in Portugal using BOOS Master Mind. It has also become an example of integration of the new system into landscape lighting solutions based on boos GRANADA luminaires. The city, which is a part of the Lisbon urban agglomeration, has several parks, but this one offers the greatest variety of leisure and entertainment activities. Surrounded by a web of small streets — a typical sign of an old Portuguese city — it gives a holiday feeling from the first steps. All useful facilities are located in one space, having a multifunctional complex of sports fields, a place for picnics, a playground, and numerous strings of benches among them.

High-quality lighting is important for any park, and especially for this, because it is in the evenings when it is wrapped up in eye-catching public events! Various concerts, festivals and other open air activities are constantly held there. Sports complex is flooded with fans of workout and team games sports, and the tracks are full of cyclists and runners. And for local youth and those who appreciate the romance of evening walks the park is an absolute favorite. Why?

Because the landscape and mood are connected on illuminated paths, where even in the darkest nights one feels safety and comfort. Clusters of trees and a panorama of a small pond surrounded by palms are easily visible. Due to the fact that GRANADA is presented in an elegant version of Olmo, the light is not shackled by anything, and the luminaires resemble stars in shape.

Comfort and safety accompany visitors till the end of the walk. URBAN luminaires were installed in the parking lot, also equipped with BOOS Master Mind modules and integrated into the overall park lighting system.

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