May 20, 2020

CIE issued a statement on the use of UV radiation

Bactericidal ultraviolet irradiators for air disinfection are becoming one of the most discussed topics on the lighting market’s agenda. The global challenge is to find the most effective strategy for using UV irradiators to disinfect rooms and spaces with a large stay of people. Understanding the vital importance of this problem, the International Commission on Lighting (CIE) on May 12, 2020 issued an official statement on the use of UV radiation to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

From the very beginning of epidemiological situation, CIE experts have been bringing together the results of relevant scientific studies of the use of UV radiation. The most recent insights in this field have been summarized in two publications, which have scored more than 10,000 readings in just two months being freely available.

The aforementioned statement contains key points of these publications. In general, UV-C radiation is recognized as effective and useful in the disinfection of air, surfaces, as well as water. CIE experts point out that the technology must be used correctly without exposing people to radiation. The disinfection process needs a thorough organization, taking into account such factors as the adverse effects of radiation on some materials (for example, plastics).

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