June 15, 2020

Bright lighting solution for a residential complex "Solnechny" in Tula

The creation of a comprehensive lighting solution for a residential complex "Solnechny" in Tula has become one of BL GROUP’s remarkable projects in the housing sector in recent months. A residential compound of six 17-storey buildings and enchanting courtyard is located very close to both the city center and the Central Park.

Such flamboyant colors in the design of the walls of the buildings as well as local kindergarten require that the outdoor lighting solution provide not only functionality and energy efficiency, but also the ability to pick up this shining, sunny style. On the kindergarten adjacent area, GALAD Wave Mini LED luminaires and OPORA ENGINEERING lighting poles were installed. The same metal structures also decorated the courtyard.

The project was implemented in conjunction with our reliable partner — ETM. Our experts assisted the designers in carrying out lighting calculations. The task of selecting lighting devices of the required power and determining the arrangement of metal structures to achieve uniform light distribution was successfully solved. For the safety of children, it is important that the entire recreational area is visible without any blind spots.

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