June 19, 2020

The places where lighting solutions have never existed: unique projects of Svetoservis-Volgograd

There are countless streets and roads where outdoor lighting has never existed... Its absence negatively affects the statistics of accidents, accidents and crime situation. The lighting solutions created for the first time bring comfort and safety to local residents and those whose usual routes often run along these streets. The task of bringing light to places where it has never been is one of the priority areas for action for Svetoservis-Volgograd, one of the regional divisions of BL GROUP. This little survey presents selected first-time illuminated objects in Volgograd region.

The road to the settlement of Tatyanka-1

A smart lighting solution was created for Shpalozavodskaya Street and a section of Jack London Street. This route leads to Tatyanka-1, a settlement located in the Krasnoarmeysky district of Volgograd. Its residents were interested in the creation of lighting solution on the way that most people use regularly.

Among the installed equipment, there were GALAD Triumph LED luminaires, various lighting poles and brackets OPORA ENGINEERING, as well as the lighting control system "BREEZE". Experts of Svetoservis-Volgograd will monitor the operation the lighting system. The above-mentioned equipment is a standard solution, which was also implemented in other projects, which we discuss in this survey.

House Builders Street

This street is often used as a bypass route on the way to the Volgograd airport. It runs in parallel to Aviator Highway, which leads directly to the airport. Its target audience is freight transport, which often selects secondary roads in order to bypass Volgograd. House Builders Street is one of those that facilitate logistics and allow you to offload traffic.

Railway Street

This small street is located in the Gumrak micro district and is adjacent to a local railway station, being very close to the aforementioned Aviator Highway and the Volgograd Airport. Given its geographical proximity to the two transport hubs at once, it is clear that the traffic there is vigorous at almost any time of the day. The long-awaited construction of new outdoor lighting lines has pleased both local residents and those who regularly use this route for business.

University Avenue

The creation of new outdoor lighting lines covered a section of University Avenue in the Sovetsky District of Volgograd within the boundaries from Gvozdkova Street to Avtomobilistov Street. This miniature road network is characterized by high traffic flow but has never had outdoor lighting.

We can provide you with more examples of quiet and not too crowded city routes, where there was still a need for high-quality lighting solutions. Among them, there are Bukhantsev Street in the Voroshilovskiy District, Avtomagistralnaya Street in the Dzerzhinskiy District, Machtozavodskaya Street in Krasnoarmeyskiy District, and a cluster of streets in Gorkovskiy micro district.

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