June 30, 2020

BL GROUP presented our solutions’ development for museum exhibits lighting at the “Light in the Museum” webinar

June 26, 2020, at the 11th webinar of the International Scientific and Practical Online Conference "ADIT 2020", a discussion was held on the development trends of lighting solutions for museums. The online forum was organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Non-Profit Partnership ADIT, and Russian branch of the International Council of Museums. This year, in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, all sessions of the conference are held online. The discussion was moderated by Alexei Bogdanov, Deputy General Director of the State Hermitage Museum.

Exposition lighting of museums, galleries, and exhibitions is one of the BL GROUP’s main areas of activity. Among the implemented projects are the Pushkin Museum, the State Hermitage Museum, the museums of Vladimir and Suzdal.

The project manager of BL GROUP, Evgeny Filipenko, presented the report “Opportunities of exposure lighting with intelligent control” during a webinar. On the example of the project implemented by BL GROUP for the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, he spoke about the relevance of such lighting control systems for modern museums, about the parameters of the systems, their types and the ability to control lighting systems based on BL GROUP’s LED lighting equipment.

For example, thanks to the opportunities of changing the magnitude of the light flux and color temperature, a museum exhibit can be shown to visitors in all its beauty. Furthermore, intelligent control allows reducing the time of aiming exposure lighting. All the necessary settings can be made by one expert without any additional tools.

Evgeny Filipenko especially emphasized the fact that the ability to control the light flux ensures the safety of world masterpieces for future generations. Modern control systems automatically calculate the permissible amount of radiation received by an exhibit.

According to the project manager of BL GROUP, in general, the introduction and use of intelligent lighting control systems achieves a comprehensive effect: attracting visitors, high-quality and careful lighting of the exposition, saving energy, increasing the status of the object due to effective lighting.

The webinar was also attended by employees of the scientific partner of BL GROUP — the All-Union Scientific and Research Lighting Institute named after S.I. Vavilova (VNISI). Engineer Alexandra Bartseva made a presentation on “New Standards for Museum Lighting”. Other presentations touched upon such topics as the possibility of using lighting to help visually impaired visitors get acquainted with the museum, the experience of lighting solutions for museum exhibitions and expositions, including the State Hermitage Museum. The full video of the webinar can be viewed at the link

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