Development Stages

    Anniversary Show, 2016-2017

  • 50th anniversary of Kadoshkino Electrotechnical Plant
  • 70th anniversary of Likhoslavl Plant of Lighting Engineering “Svetotehnika”
  • 10th anniversary since start-up date of “OPORA ENGINEERING” Plant»
  • Engineering Corporation “BL GROUP”
  • 25th anniversary of “Svetoservis” — founder of the International Lighting»

affiliation of MOSZ plant in Moscow
affiliation of LZSI plant (Tver region)
own fleet of special vehicles in Moscow ST LLC
affiliation of KETZ plant (Republic Mordovia)
issue of own exterior and street lighting calculation program “Light-in-Night Road”
beginnings of works according to the ASLCS
    SvetoServis-Northern Caucasia
SvetoServis-Vostochny Dranch   
SvetoServis-Zapadny Dranch
issue of own operation cost calculation program “Light-in-Night Road”
production of tubular poles in Samara
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Список новостей
1991. “Svetoservis” Company enters Moscow electrotechnical market offering the set of services for engineering, mounting, and operation of the lighting fixtures for all types of lighting. Quite different, innovative approach to organization of the corporate activities, quality of rendered services, opportunity and novelty of complex solutions had driven future corporate development.

1994. Government of Moscow city takes decision on creation of the uniform lighting and color environment in the city. City, which by evening is completely hidden by darkness, shall be reborn — becoming bright, beautiful, safe and comfortable for Moscovite. We shall start practically from the scratch. There was no architectural lighting as such in Moscow city before now. There was only obsolescent festive lighting, which had already become useless and practically was out of order. However no companies, which would be able to complete full cycle of works from the engineering stage to further operation, and thus, enabling to efficiently and qualitatively settle issues raised by the Government of Moscow city, were found. “Svetoservis” was the only company, presuming courage and assuming the liability for architectural and artistic lighting of any structure in the capital city. The first object — “Ukraine” Hotel — was delivered in the eve of 1994.

Architectural and artistic lighting becomes the landmark of the company. “Svetoservis” is a prize-winner of professional exhibitions, winner of numerous awards, including “Victoria” awards at the Russian design exhibitions “Lighting Design”, international and European awards “For quality of services”, nominee of the state award in the architectural lighting domain, and, and is, according to separate printed media, the “…fashion leader in the architectural lighting domain”.

1998. The Company creates its own park of special transportation means — “Svetoservis” company.

1999. We take decision on separation of an independent company “SvetoProject”. It significantly improves the effectiveness of business, allows increasing corporate turnovers, and improving quality of rendered services.

1993-2002. The company is by rotation merged with Moscow Experimental Lighting Engineering Plant (1993), Likhoslavl Plant of Lighting Engineering “Svetotehnika” (1995), Kadoshkino Electrotechnical Plant (2002). Nowadays, the company operates not only in the service sector, but also creates powerful trade and industrial block, organizes production ensuring release of the diversified lighting engineering equipment. Likhoslavl Plant of Lighting Engineering “Svetotehnika” and Kadoshkino Electrotechnical Plant release products under the GALAD trademark.

2002. Trading House BL TRADE, which is recently the official distributor of ТМ GALAD and OPORA ENGINEERING products, commences its activity. Developed dealer network is formed throughout Russia.

2003. Light-in-Night Road program aimed for engineering of the lighting for roads, transportation multilevel junctions, streets, squares, park zones, and etc. is developed and is actively used in exterior lighting domain. It is the only certified software product in the Russian lighting engineering domain.

2004. “Svetoservis” starts active work in regions; Creation of the group of companies as follows: “Svetoservis-Kuban” (2004), “Svetoservis-Saint Petersburg” (2005), “Svetoservis-Podmoskovye” (2006), “Svetoservis-North Caucasus” (2008), and “Svetoservis-Sochi” (2009), which are the most dynamically growing business directions.

2005. Automated control systems of the exterior, static, and dynamic architectural lighting (ASUNO) are developed and launched. Unique devices for ASUNO, power and distribution switch boards are developed and produced for ASUNO. Nowadays, production involves nearly three decades of modifications of control cabinets for exterior, static, and dynamic lighting (type SHUNO-SS); 5 adjuster modifications — voltage adjusters, 12 modifications of the automated exterior lighting supply points.

2007. New plant — modern industrial complex OPORA ENGINEERING, which is able to ensure full completed cycle for production of a wide range of metal structures and supporting brackets, is constructed in Tula. All products of such plant are released under the ТМ OPORA ENGINEERING brand.

2008. Rebrending of the company, creation of the Management Company “BL GROUP” LLC, unification of all companies into a large BL GROUP Holding.

2010. Incorporation of two Moscow branches: Western Branch “Svetoservis” LLC and Eastern Branch “Svetoservis” LLC.

2011. Creation of the Light-in-Night Service program for calculation of the operating cost. It enables to account the consumed power energy, monitoring of the network state and quality of power energy. Companies of the Holding deal with development of the conceptual solutions both in the city scale and for separate architectural objects. Development of the lighting concepts of Lipetsk, Perm, Surgut, and Sochi cities; creation of the lighting concept of the Olympic Park in Sochi, Moscow Kremlin, Novy Arbat highway — Kutuzovsky Prospekt, etc.

2012-2016. The process of creation of powerful industrial-engineering-operation corporation was driven by opening of the additional production site of pipe supports in Samara under the ТМ OPORA ENGINEERING trademark in 2012, acquisition of the plant Wunschleuchten in Germany in 2014, and opening of R&D Center and boos technical lighting S.L. plant in Spain in 2016.

2013-2015. Commencement of the new development cycle — Holding enters the external markets: new representative office of BL Group Europe GmbH in Germany (2013), new offices in India and UAE (2015), Spain (2016).

2014-2017. The holding demonstrates stable growth in Russian regions. “Svetoservis-TeleMekhanica” was created in 2014, “Svetoservis-Khimki” was created in 2016, and “Svetoservis-Volgograd” was created in 2017, plants were acquired in Germany, India, and Spain.

Since 2017, the Holding was renamed as the International Lighting Engineering Corporation “BOOS LIGHTING GROUP” and already strives to take the absolute leading global positions.

Specialists of the corporation operate in partnership with the whole range of Russian and foreign companies, including the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), whereupon the corporation is the most active consumer of services of the exploration center of the largest and single in Russia Research and Development Lighting Engineering Institute named after Vavilov.

As long as the corporation exists, over 8000 projects of architectural, exterior, landscape, sportive, and interior lighting have been implemented in a large number of Russian cities and neighboring territories. Amongst the implemented objects are airports, railway nodes, streets, squares, motor ways, junctions, overpasses, yards, sportive complexes, historical buildings, and cultural sightseeing objects. Among them are Triumphal Arch, interactive media-facades at Novy Arbat Street, Moscow Planetarium, Moscow State University named after Lomonosov M.V., Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg, and etc.

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