We invest in production so to efficiently react to market challenges

By volume and quality of the produced articles, our plants join the top five ratings of the global producers of the lighting and engineering equipment and the top ten rating of industrial enterprises in Russia. Over 2 000 000 luminaries for external and internal lighting are daily produced at our production sites. Corporate nomenclature involves over 4.5 thousand names of the luminaries. Annually, we release over 1 500 000 control gears, over 65 000 units of metal structures, including lighting supports, at least 25 000 supporting brackets. For the last decade, amount of investments of the corporation in production comprised over 10 billion of rubles in comparable prices. Nowadays, corporation supplies its products to all regions of Russia, in Central, Western, and Eastern Europe, in Africa, Asia (for instance, India), and in former Soviet Union countries.

GALAD lighting products


It was founded in 1965. It was acquired in 2002.

Lighting and technical equipment: luminaries, projectors, control gear devices are developed and produced based two large national plants: Likhoslavl Plant of Lighting Engineering "Svetotehnika" LLC (LZSI) and Kadoshkino Electrotechnical Plant JSC (KETZ JSC), first of which is over 70 years old. Two out of each three exterior lighting fixtures have been released at national plants of the corporation.  

Metal Structures "OPORA ENGINEERING"

Communication masts, lighting supports, and various supporting brackets are developed and produced at OPORA ENGINEERING plants in Tula and Samara cities. These are our young modern full-time production sites equipped with the advanced high technology equipment and offering complex solutions for engineering, production, supply, and maintenance of the metal structures. Today, share of the corporate products in production of supports comprises nearly 30% of the total volume of lighting supports produced in the country.

Lighting and Engineering Boos-Branded Products

Global Boos Trademark was registered in 2014, under which our affiliated European companies had commenced to release their products, namely WunschLeuchten Plant in Germany and plant boos technical lighting S.L. in Spain, operating based on the Russian made accessories of BL GROUP.

Lighting Management System “Svetoservis-TM”

Products of the company “Svetoservis-TeleMekhanica”
(“Svetoservis-TM” LLC) is demanded at the lighting automation market. It produces control cabinets for exterior and architectural lighting, power saving equipment, automated exterior lighting supply points, modules and different purpose devices. It also includes “brain center” of the corporation for creation of the programs for control of lighting, control and development of power saving technologies.

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