«Svetoservis-Telemekhanika» (Svetoservis TM)

In 2018, the merger of Svetoservis TM (founded in 2014) and the Moscow Experimental Lighting Engineering Plant (MOSZ), which has been part of the Corporation since 1993, was completed.

Historic reference

Svetoservis-TeleMekhanika LLC was founded in 1999 and is part of the Svetoservis group of companies. Earlier, the plant was called Moscow Experimental Lighting Engineering Telemechanics Plant, but, in 2018, the merger process of the company and MOSZ-TM plant was completed. During its operation, the plant took part in many projects on architectural and artistic lighting and electrical supply of objects in Moscow and regions. Currently, Svetoservis TM LLC has significantly expanded the range of products for a wide range of consumers in terms of the power of objects and the complexity of the tasks of the equipment operation controlling. The production management system and the existing team of the company provide high-quality execution in the shortest possible time of orders for the production of serial unified products and equipment for individual projects. All manufactured products are certified, ongoing activities are underway to improve production technology and the products quality. Based in Moscow. Develops and manufactures all the necessary equipment and components for automated lighting control systems.

  • multi-level outdoor lighting control system
  • integrated architectural lighting system
  • lighting control systems for bridges and tunnels
  • telemechanical control of major highways lighting

How to contact us:

6 1st Rizhsky Lane, bldg. 2, Moscow, Russia, 129626
Tel.: 8 (495) 780-75 98, 8 (800) 250-75-98
Dispatch (round the clock): 8 (968) 513-70-20
Sibrikov Alexander Vadimovich

Sibrikov Alexander Vadimovich
Director of LLC “Svetoservis-TeleMehanika” and the plant “Svetoservis TM”

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